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A game idea should be a GAME idea

If you have an idea for a game, ask yourself this (weird) question: why should it be a game? It may sound awesome, but wouldn’t it work better as a book? A film? Anything else? There should be a clear reason why games is the best medium for it. Is the fact that a player […]

Ideas are mostly worthless

“What you think is a great idea, almost certainly isn’t and likely has been thought of a hundred times and more. Ideas don’t sell, GAMES sell – no one will buy your idea. No one will make your game for you – they want to make THEIR games. Most game players think they have ideas […]

Execution is what matters

Execution is what gives an idea value, it can make even mediocre ideas shine. So don’t get stuck thinking about the perfect idea, ideas are pretty much worthless. Move on to make a prototype and learn how to execute. The better you get at that, the better you get at making games. Example: A game where […]

Look everywhere for ideas or solutions

Sometimes you’re so wound up in your own game, you forget to look at others for possible ideas or solutions. Not every design problem is as unique as you might think, don’t reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Look at other games and how they solved it, ask for advise, watch game breakdown […]