Find out how and where you work best

Even when you are working on your ideal game, it will still be hard to keep yourself motivated throughout its full development. Find out how to discipline yourself and where and how you work best. In an office? From home? Alone? Co-working space? With a team? Through Skype? Full-time? Part-time?

When you’ve found a comfortable consistent way to work, you will finish your game faster and stay more disciplined. In turn, you’ll have more motivation.

For a long time I worked from home. This worked for some time when I had the structure from school to help me. In evenings and weekends I could consistently get work done. But when school finished, things started to break down. Doing less work, getting easily distracted and not finding the discipline to consistently work on the game. I blamed myself for not being able to get the work done and pushing myself further did not result in much.

This changed when I started to work at my old school again. In one day, I would get more work done than one week at home. I continued working from school from that point on.